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Wedding perfection

The Bride

  • Chooses the type of wedding ceremony and decides the date that the wedding should take place
  • Chooses her dress and the theme of the wedding which all should follow
  • Chooses her bridesmaids, their outfits and buy silver accessories
  • Receives guests at the wedding reception
  • Wedding Planning Checklist
  • Bride and Groom start the dancing
  • Throws the bouquet among unmarried female guests after the wedding
  • Writes thank you letters to all those who sent gifts

The Groom

  • Chooses the best man, ushers and the outfits that the men in the bridal party should wear
  • Takes care of the legal aspects of the ceremony
  • Organises the honeymoon and if staying with tradition, keeps it secret from the bride
  • Pays for the flowers and bridesmaids gifts
  • Always arrives at the wedding ceremony venue before the bride
  • Receives guests and delivers a speech thanking all involved, especially the bridesmaids

Best Man

  • Confirms arrangements concerning the duties of the ushers
  • Arranges transport for himself, bridegroom, and guests that need it
  • Organises the stag evening
  • Collects buttonholes and ensures that Order of Service sheets are distributed
  • Pays fees on behalf of the groom
  • Responsible for rings before the ceremony and passes them to the groom before the ceremony
  • Escorts the chief bridesmaid to the signing of the register
  • Directs ushers, photographer, videographer and guests
  • Replies to the bridegroom's speech, makes a speech and reads telemessages and cards from absent friends
  • Announces the cutting of the cake
  • Checks that all the honeymoon arrangements are in place
  • Supervises the decoration of the car for the bride and groom on leaving for their honeymoon
  • Returns all hire outfits


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