Wedding Planning Checklist

Getting married is a step not to be taken lightly. There are rules, regulations and the law. To make sure that all goes smoothly you should take some advice.

Design the Perfect Wedding Dress

Whether from your local registrar or minister of religion there are many sources of information that will guide you on this very special day. As well as photography and guest lists, there is so much to prepare for.

Modern marriage

In the 21st century how you marry is still a legal contract but where and how you celebrate your day is your choice. In the United Kingdom and Ireland marriage can be between members of the opposite sex or the same sex and both parties must be free to marry. You cannot marry if you are already married. If either party has been married before and the marriage has been dissolved a decree absolute must be produced before the ceremony can go ahead.

The locations of receptions are becoming more modern and less traditional. Many couples want their wedding to be unique so they stay away from halls and churches to have their receptions and start looking at more unique locations that have more meaning to them.

Many couples that we work with prefer to have their reception in a location that is in their home town and is suitable for a more relaxed party. A popular venue in Brighton that a lot of our couples have enjoyed is the White Cliffs Cafe.

Whilst this may not be to everyones taste it is just one of the many options that is a favourite of our recent married couples.

Types of ceremony

  • A Religious Ceremony
  • A Civil Ceremony at an approved venue
  • A Civil Ceremony at a register office
  • An Overseas Wedding

A wedding ceremony on a tropical island or a wedding chapel in Las Vegas are both very popular.

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